Billionaire Baby Whinning in Distress

The POTUS has been in the news everyday. He has been making statements of sadness which is funny because he has no heart. He is irritated because of the virus but what has he done to fix anything. I really shouldn’t call it sadness. It’s more of disbelief. I don’t know why he would be so shocked because he should have acted earlier. Trump acts like everything will go away by itself. Doesn’t he remind you of someone? Winston Churchill. When England had the fog incident, he said that it will go away by itself but actually more than 50,000 people died.

Why would trump be mad? Yes, he is the president but he didn’t want to help his people. He only complained and rant about it on twitter. What did he think was gonna happen. He didn’t even want to send respirators for those who were infected. He plays the victim role but not well enough because we see right through him. He really think that he made the country great. He is making it worst in my book. We all have our own opinions.

Situations like this makes you open your eyes on who you voted for in office. I didn’t vote for him but others obviously did. When it gets tough, they should be the ones to step up. Don’t think of war yet, think of other ways that can help your people and grow as a country, not an enemy.


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