Schools Aren’t Ready To Be Open But Are Being Forced To

The covid-19 took a lot of jobs and made millions of students leave school. Who knew when everyone was going back to school. Every time we get a little close to hope, we drop back down and get more cases. Countries started cancelling schools back in March due to the virus and have been online since. There has been many conversations about when they were going to open them back up. School are officially opening in the fall but are we ready?

Trump really wants schools open but doesn’t see the damage it might cost. There are so many students in classes, especially college which can lead to higher cases because it is airborne. I personally am ready to go back on campus but what will it cost me. It’s hard to control young people and make them do the right thing, not saying I won’t. Students might not wear their masks and still be in large groups. Many don’t wanna open because there isn’t a control yet which mean there will most likely be higher cases.

There are pros and cons to reopening. Some cons are, cases could get higher. Which means more people in the hospital. On the other hand, you can’t just stay closed forever because the economy would fall. Yes, there are still high cases but it might be better to just cover up and go back to school. Trump is literally forcing school districts to reopen. He is making us think he wants us to get sick. I have a weird feeling on why he is making everyone go to school but I can’t put my finger on it. I am conflicted because I wanna go but I don’t wanna get sick. It has only been five months but it feels like it has been an eternity.


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