The United States Victims Of China Or Great Liars

The united states is known to be liars within their own countries and world wide. China are also well known liars. Im pretty sure that every country lies to keep their secrets. Since they have found that the coronavirus came from China, the United States and China have been going back and fourth. Recently the U.S announced that China has been stealing American Citizens personal data.

If it is true, I wouldn’t be surprised because there is so much that goes on. They had so much evidence on China but I have one question. Why Expose China now? If they had so much data, why wait or why didn’t they just keep it a secret. My theory is since the news of the virus came out, the U.S has been pressuring China to pay them for damages. China won’t cooperate so they will continue to expose them until they pay up. The situation is funny to me because they are acting like them telling us about china will make us not hate them.

Chinese President “Xi Jinping

America has been screwing us citizens over for so long, so why do we care. Everything is falling apart here and it is all thanks to those people. Why should we listen to them? Is it because your our president? What if I didn’t vote him in office or anyone else up there? I can care less about China as well and that is because they are not innocent. They have so much from hidden concentration camps to religion changing which is cruel by the way to everything else. I just can’t with them.

Out of all this, the FBI had the nerves to say that most of these kind of crimes are done by Chinese people in China and that it’s the worst in history. Why would believe anything they say anyways since they were given the OK to snoop through our information. They aren’t trying to protect us, they are just putting blame on them. Who knows, it might be the U.S who is doing all this. When will these countries get it in their heads that we citizens are not slow and that we know what really goes on.

USA, Washington D.C, White House


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