Hate Crimes and Lynching Allegations

Recently there has been many hate crimes attacks on the black community. Mainly on black activists but also the innocent. Why is it that theses racists people have to turn to things that happened back in the day. Lynching! That is insane, crazy and inhumane. You shouldn’t call yourself a human. Your not one, you are an animal. The white communities have just been everywhere recently. Many white women calling the cops on blacks for no reason just to end up being arrested. This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

Noose Rope

These “white supremacist” think they are the only ones that matter but they are wrong. They are just upset that the black communities are fighting back and not taking it anymore. Why would you take someone life or attempt to take someone life because they wanna live in piece. I might offend many by saying this comment but it’s true. This might not be for everyone but it’s definitely many. “Humans are the most dangerous mammal, white people are”. With everything going on nowadays, prove me wrong and I will change that sentence. It is getting so stressful because all they do is try to attack physically and verbally.

Recently a black activists was the victim of attempted lynching by a group of white supremacists. He was just hanging out with his friends. Thankfully, he wasn’t harmed but he will be mentally scarred. The only good thing that came from this is that he will be stronger and continue to fight. He won’t let it get to him and will find those people. He said that the FBI is searching for those people. I hope he gets justice because he deserves it. His name is Vauhxx Booker. A black activist who was pinned up against a tree at night and was almost killed.

This is the reason why trump should speak more on this subject because it’s getting out hand. These are his supporters and he doesn’t speak on it. What kind of president is this? A person who lets his citizens get victimized by one another. Some president we have. He only cares about money. Maybe this is the purge because while everyone is killing themselves, he is worried about himself.


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