Is Covid-19 Airborne

Ever since they started to say wear a mask in public, I have believed that this virus is airborne. If it wasn’t then we wouldn’t have to wear them. It makes you wonder why they are saying that it is airborne now. The reason is because even though people are still staying far away, more people are catching it. At this point, we all just need our own individual islands. (lol)

Reporting that this is airborne will definitely have a better affect because people will finally take it serious unless they are idiots who don’t care about there lives. I don’t mean to be rude and say idiots but nowadays people don’t care. To be honest, it should be required to wear a mask everywhere because cases are still piling up. Until we get a control over whatever this, we also have a part to do on our end. That is making sure it doesn’t spread. I hope everyone stay safe.

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