A Deathly Plague Among Us

No one ever thought they would hear the word “Black Death” ever again. You heard it right, the black death aka the bubonic plague was found in Mongolia China. There have been one case confirmed and two other cases in the same place of a different bubonic disease. Moment of silence because this is insane. I have never thought I would be alive to hear about some news like this. The only other time that the name black death was here was in England.

Bubonic Plague Bacteria

In England, 52 million people died from the black death carried from rats. This time they came from marmot meat. Who is eating that. Come on guys, they need to get better because it is now getting ridiculous. This year is getting hit with everything from left to right. Who knows, it probably still came from rats, I don’t know. You can’t trust anyone on the news. I hope it doesn’t get into any other countries because that is how the covid-19 started.

The covid-19 started the exact same way. It started in China and spreaded quickly. This is why we need to take things seriously because more stuff keep adding on. This is something that everyone should plan for ahead of time so we are prepared. That disease is spreaded from person to person and droplets. It is extremely fatal if you have it. I just hope no one else gets it.

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