Should They Perform Trial Tests on Covid-19 Infected Patients

Biologists, and Doctors have been very busy since this virus has started, trying to cure people. They have been conducting trial runs for different drugs for a couple of months now but was there really a change. I can’t comment on biologist because I am not one. I do major in Biology and have took Microbiology, Genetics and other science courses. They have used over 15 different drugs on patients infected with the covid-19.


There is a lot of pressure with finding the right drug to tackle this. I just have one problem. If these drugs aren’t working correctly then why are they still using them. There is one drug that the U.K used but had to stop because people were dying. The drug is called “hydroxychloroquine”. This drug is normally used to treat malaria. They have already performed over 30 clinical trials with this drug in the states. They have also just stopped a trial using a HIV drug.

This is just insane to think of because I look at it from the patient point of view. They come up with all these ideas and experiments to test on you and you won’t know the outcome. The U.K stopped that drug because they saw a 13-20% death rate. Mainly from heart conditions. Could they test on anything else? Questions that I am curious about but wouldn’t get a straight answer because that is their business. If 15 different drugs won’t work then what’s next?

Knowing that you can possibly die from a test and not controlling it because your sick is one of the scariest things ever. They make sure you sign waiver though so they don’t get sued. What if no one signed? Would they just test it on the sickest person? I know they have to test the medicine but why can’t there be another way. Science is a tricky subject. You are just on trial and error until you finally get a hit. Rest in piece to everyone who lost their lives in these and other medical trial.


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