Why Is Money Necessary and Who Made The Rules

Everything is too expensive to put bluntly. Why do everything cost cash and too much of it. The normal working people have to work their entire lives to get a break. Who came up with this system? Who said “so were gonna make everyone pay for everything to survive”. Life is weird because we are literally paying money to survive in this world. Have you really thought about it? Everything cost cash because of what. They make money, so why do we really have to work for it. This goes for every country. It makes you think, like what would happen if didn’t have to pay for anything.

If you think about it, these people control you and they give you what they want. Who were the people who created the minimum amount of money you make in an hour. Back in the day they traded with food. (lol) I understand that this is all for trade. You pay something and you get something. We pay taxes, and they do something with it. It’s a weird system that controls you but I guess people would say it’s necessary. I am a curious person so I want to know everything. Why, when, what, where and how. I have the right to know, You have the right to know.


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