Do Crows and Ravens Detect Death

Many people believe that crows and ravens represent death or dark energy. I believed all my life that crows are walking grim reapers. Growing up, I have always thought that there were only crows. Ravens and crows have a lot of similarities.They look almost identical with appearance. Ravens are much bigger but they are both intelligent creatures. There are many symbolism’s talking about the two. Many people believed and still believe in their mythology.

Crow Vs Raven

Since black is the color of death and mourning, they are associated with it. That is really interesting because they both mourn deaths. Crows are the main ones who hold funerals and mourn the death of one of their own. They make loud noises and fly in patterns. Hearing all of this, you would automatically think they represent death. They could just be black birds who are smart. They only represent death because we said it. Humans believed seeing a crow was leading to their death or someone else death because that is we were told or heard. I still believe that they represent dark energy but not mainly death. I think my fear came from the movie “Birds”. It’s an old movie that would freak you out.

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