7 Deadly Sins

This new decade hasn’t been the best. Infact, it might be in the books as one of the worst ones. Excuse me while I go holy for a second. This year was full of sin everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, the last couple of years weren’t good either but there was something awful about this year. Hate, murder, jealously, anger and so much more. Boy, this year wore me out. Everyday there is some crazy news story about someone doing something stupid or evil.

Lets be honest, everyone sins. When your mad, jealous, hateful or even greedy. It is a naturalistic habit that we have. The only thing is that we sometimes let it get out of control. The people in power have been sinning for a while and are the main perpetrators of the deadly sins according to the bible. I’m not here to judge but I was once again curious. The government is full of greed and power and are willing to do anything to keep it. They are the reason I have to duct tape my web cameras.

If we were born back in the medieval times, this would be a scary world. They killed you for violating any sin. I think it’s crazy and weird how exact the seven deadly sins are. When you think about lust, you think about the body. How you aren’t suppose to cheat but that is all that goes on nowadays. Everyone craves the touch of someone else. Having too much pride is a sin. Who knew you shouldn’t think about just yourself. That is true by the way. Think of others as well. Being jealous by Envying someone to the fact that you want to harm them or something. Why would someone be so jealous? Consuming too much is gluttony. In that case, a lot of people sin because food is just too good. Next is anger. Why are you so angry they say. I am angry because my voice isn’t heard. Becoming greedy because of power or wealth. We all know who applies to this. Lastly, we have sloth. Becoming lazy and just giving up. Your too lazy for life. All of these could apply to just one person but who knows because we are all different.

This year opened a lot of eyes for the bad, not the good. It’s interesting.


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