Why Everyone Should Go Meatless

The world of meat. Slaughtering animals for food to satisfy their hunger. Im talking like I didn’t eat meat before. I stop eating meat at the beginning of January this year. I stop eating meat a while last year but went back to eating it so I tried again and succeeded. I learned that their are a lot of health benefits that go into this. I stopped eating meat because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle for myself. I eat fish so I am basically a pescitarian because seafood is life. I just completely cut out animal meat except fish. I am also one with the animals now so I can’t go back. My stomach hurt when I smell bacon now. That is why I switched to vegan meat substitutes.

Meat substitutes such as soy, tofu, vegan meat are amazing. Meat lovers don’t wanna accept the change and act like they can’t live without meat. These people which are a lot of you are delusional, no offense. Meat isn’t the only thing in the world. It can actually help save your life. Bacon is not the best thing in the world. If you wanna try to cut out meat then you should start with pork. It’s the easiest to cut out. Save the piggies. Veggie burgers are delicious. At least they aren’t green. I use to think that veggie burgers were green (lol). They look like regular burgers.

Veggie Burger

There are so many ways to cook better without meat. You can become a pescitarian. If you love seafood, then you would be okay. I love seafood so it was no problem. There are always ways to get healthier because our lives are changing. Especially because of the meat packing plants and the virus cases, you should wanna stop eating meat. People are getting sick at the places that sell you meat and having to recall everything because of fear of anything. Im gonna leave it at that. So come on, join the meatless cult. We don’t bite. (lol)



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