Top 3 Favorite Singers

I love music! My top 3 singers are amazing because they are beautiful women with large powerful vocals. The sound of their music is just astonishing. One of them is a kpop Idol who is in a group but she does solo songs and albums as well. So here we go…

  1. Lana Del Rey- There is nothing more to say. Her name itself is just everything. I am a sucker for some Lana Del Rey music. Her songs are so powerful because she is telling her real stories through her music. She has some depressing albums which makes you feel connected to her as a human being. UHHH! I love her music so much which is why she is my favorite artist of all time. She needs a fandom.
Her best album

2. Dua Lipa- The pop artist of the year every year. Her music is so old pop which is why I love her. She is redefining pop music by herself. Her raspy voice makes it even better. When people use to criticize her dancing and stage performance, she didn’t go on a rant, she improved and now she is one of, if not the best performer. She has so much fun on stage. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. My favorite songs from her are “physical and break my heart” I love her!

3. Hwasa- My favorite Kpop Idol. I love her because she not only has the best stage presence in Korea but her confidence is through the roof. She is so different from other idols. Her deep voice is amazing which is why I was going crazy when I heard that she was recording with Dua Lipa. I was like oh my god, my two favorite artists. She featured on Dua Lipa song “physical”. It was amazing.

These are my favorite artist ever. They all compliment each other very well. Lana has a soothing powerful voice whereas Dua and Hwasa have raspy powerful voices. They all should collab one day.


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