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Top 10 Favorite Kpop Songs

1.) Seventeen “Fear“- This is my favorite boy group in kpop. They are crazy performs. This group has the best choreo and are the best dancers in kpop. This song gave me goosebumps! I still can’t stop listening to it.


2.) Stray Kids “God’ Menu“- This song is ridiculously good. I swear they are street dancers. The song is so western hip hop which is why I love this group. Their rappers are crazy good as well. This song automatically makes you wanna dance crazy. That’s a good thing,

Stray Kids

3.) Twice “More & More”-This was a really good year for twice. They just keep getting better at everything. After they put out fancy, everything went up. This song was really creative plus they do more dancing. This is the only girl group in kpop to me who have constantly improved with every song.


4.) Victon “Howling”– These freaking visuals. I love this song. I am humming it while typing this. I was looking up different groups that I haven’t seen and I found this song. My mouth was open the whole time. I love the leader. Bottom left of the picture with the black hair in his face. He is such a bias.


5.) (G)Idle “Oh My God”– I loved how dark this concept was. I do mean dark. It was dark, with lesbian feels and goddess all over. This music video was probably the best m/v I have ever seen. The teaser gave me goosebumps. I love this group. They are so different from other groups.


6.) Seventeen “Fearless”– I think this was a different version of fear but it was so insane on their live stage. They are so talented. This song was so good. I really wanna meet them.


7.) Seventeen “Hit”-This is the most high powered dance track ever. They danced so much that I was hurting which is why they are the best. They are the only ones who are on this list more than once.

Seventeen “Hit”

8.) Twice “Feel Special”– Such a beautiful video. This video was so majestic. I just love twice. This is their best video.

Twice “Feel Special”

9.) Chungha “Stay Tonight”– When I tell you that I love this woman, I am not lying. She is changing everything. This song really made everyone think and improve. She had gay men all over the video which was so amazing and chic. It was such a big move because they aren’t that positive in South Korea. She was voguing everywhere!


10.) Seventeen “Good to Me”– Seventeen is just too much for me. I love all their music which is why they started and ended this list. I just love them and this song.

Good to me

These groups are amazing and the music they make is just so different. I stan all these people by the way.

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