Knowing When to leave a Relationship

There are some things that you just need to let go and get rid of for the best of it. Being together means actually caring for one another through life and all the obstacles that are thrown at you. You should not be afraid to leave when it gets to the point that you can’t take it. One day every thing is all perfect, next day y’all are talking about ending it. It is time to leave a relationship when it starts to get physical mentally and physically. Its time to leave when someone cheats and don’t care. There is no way you should have to suffer for what they did. I am speaking from a woman’s perspective.

Men are stronger in general so it is really scary when a man put his hands on you. It should never reach that point but it happens. There are some women that feel vulnerable and won’t leave. Not because they are afraid but because they just can’t. They feel stuck because they might have kids or they have been there for a long time. You can leave. You should be happy. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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