Month: June 2020

Kpop Music

Top 10 Favorite Kpop Songs

1.) Seventeen “Fear“- This is my favorite boy group in kpop. They are crazy performs. This group has the best choreo and are the best dancers in kpop. This song gave me goosebumps! I still can’t stop listening to it. 2.) Stray Kids “God’ Menu“- This song is ridiculously good. I swear they are street […]

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beauty confidence Music

Top 3 Favorite Singers

I love music! My top 3 singers are amazing because they are beautiful women with large powerful vocals. The sound of their music is just astonishing. One of them is a kpop Idol who is in a group but she does solo songs and albums as well. So here we go… Lana Del Rey- There […]

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confidence Curiosity Fresh

You Can’t Undo What’s Not Done

This is my motto and the motto for my blog. It’s a good saying because we tend to think that if we do anything bad, it will turn out bad but in reality you don’t know what’s gonna happen. It could be the opposite. This saying means, if you haven’t done it yet, don’t stress […]

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Sisters or Brothers?

Brothers!!! I say brothers because I only have sisters. I have 11 sisters. I have been in defensive mode my whole life trying to survive from my sisters. All we did was fight our life. When one is mad, someone else gets mad and start fighting. I have always thought what it would be like […]

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Why Are We So Obsessed With Looks?

The timeline for the beauty industry has evolved over the past decades drastically. Back then, beauty went for the more natural look because they didn’t have a lot of tools. The natural look was mostly to cover up your blemishes with a little blush and eyeliner. Over time, make got more bold. Now we have […]

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Anger annoyed

Knowing When to leave a Relationship

There are some things that you just need to let go and get rid of for the best of it. Being together means actually caring for one another through life and all the obstacles that are thrown at you. You should not be afraid to leave when it gets to the point that you can’t […]

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Life love

Pride Month

Such a beautiful month of colors, people and love. Everyone deserves to be happy for whatever they want. Can’t no one take a way love because of their hate. I support pride because I genuinely love people who are in love and want to be themselves. I look up to them and they make me […]

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Black Power

The Souls of Black Folks

History speaks for itself when you are talking about the souls of black people. Our ancestors have been through a lot to get us here and we are continuing their legacy. No matter what we have done in the past decades, we have never forgotten where we came from. Loving your roots is what it’s […]

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