Black vs White Power

The obsession to be in control has been going on for many centuries between blacks and whites. It started from slavery to segregation and now everything else. Even though African Americans were still hated back then, there is even more now. There are a lot of racist people who still kill innocent African Americans for no reason. It’s crazy when you look back in history because it has been a long war between blacks and white.

Riots that are happening in nearly every city and now going world wide are a chance to be heard. Police brutality against African Americans has been going on for a long time now and they have definitely gotten worst. They always say they never did anything but it turns into murder. There is a time when you just have to say “enough is enough” and fix it yourself. The officers who are always caught on camera violating rights are 98% white cops. They think since they wear a uniform that they have so much power.

The difference between black and white power is the message that each party is trying to send. Black power is a slogan and a name which aim to achieve self-determination for African Americans. They fight for equality and peace. White power try to control and get rid of. They don’t want certain people and do what they want. They try to control people and get away with it. They think because they say they were here first which is not true that they have the right.

I hope everything ends peacefully but there will never be a end because there are too many greedy people. There are also people who grew up racist and are raising their generation that way. Everyone should have their own way of thoughts but that is never gonna happen. Even though they are trying to scare you, you have to show them that your really not scared (Michael Jackson). These are just my personal opinions and hopefully don’t refer to everyone. I am a black female and I am so sick of all the hate. It’s too much because it has been going on for so long with no justice. There will be justice soon.

Black Power


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