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America Gone Too Far Downhill To Comeback

This is by far the worst year to start the new decade. We have had too many deaths, attacks, killings, and failures. The thing is that there are so many opinions on one opinion. This country has gone down hill so far that we make other countries look better. It feels like faith is out of the window because too much has happened in the last couple of months.

There are so many people to quickly tell you to come together and let them handle it but it never gets handles. No matter what it is, they can’t fix anything. We have a president who does nothing but tweet and a government who just watches. They haven’t fixed anything since Trump been in office. He made other countries hate us even more, he built a useless wall, he wasted billions of Americans, he talked to spy Russians to spy on other Americans and he gets away with it. What the …. Delete this man.


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