Is This The End of One Night Stands

I never had a one night stand and never will now. They say everyone should experience it carefully. That is not possible now because there are too many risks. You have to be careful more than ever now. Im pretty sure there are still many people who are still doing it but oh well. It’s too risky to sleep with strangers because of the coronavirus. I hope people know that and be safe out there.

I dreamed of what my first one night stand would be like. It’s funny to think about sleeping with a stranger only one time but I am a curious person. To be honest, I think I would be too afraid to go through it. I don’t do good with meeting strangers who are men. I become too awkward. What would I do after it happen? Im pretty sure I just leave but I would be so awkward. (lol) I don’t how people do it or did it.

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