How Am I Suppose To Leave Now

You know, I still have a plan to move out of my mom house. I stay on campus but of course I am home right now. I wanna be on my own so bad but this virus ruined it. I can’t work, go to school or make money. Geez, it just ruined everything. The farthest I got was college. I have a lot of time but I don’t wanna stay with my mom my whole life. I crave to be alone. How am I suppose to leave?

When kids leave their parents house, it is a huge accomplishment even if it is only college. When I first started college, I use to come home every weekend but then realized that I hated seeing these faces for a long time so I rarely came home. Before this virus hit, I didn’t come home for a couple of months which is good for me. Freedom just feels amazing. I am now looking at my family too much for too long. Of course I get annoyed but people are losing their loved ones so I am also grateful. I just want my own space.

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