What Do You Think You Look Like?

If it weren’t for the mirror, camera and anything else you can see your reflection in, you would not know what you really look like. You only know by what others tell you. We can only see our noses and our lips when pouted out. It would be so weird if I saw myself because I would constantly judge myself. It’s just a habit. The only people who can see themselves are twins!

Twins are so cool. How awesome it would be if you had someone that look exactly like you. Having a buddy for life that has your exact face would be cool. I wish I can have a twin to do makeup with so we both can be popping with colors and have short hair/long hair. When you have twins, you make them look exactly alike throughout childhood but they become their own person. After that, they could become the complete opposite of each other. They can look alike but can also look different.

If I was told to describe my face, would say something like this: Acorn eyes, round face, arched eyebrows, high cheek bones, flat button nose and full round lips. I basically just told you guys what I look like (lol). I am satisfied with my beautiful looks because I was born with it. That is just what I see. Others my see something different. We all have unique looks.

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