Top 5 Favorite Video Games

I miss the 2000’s so much. There were many fun games to keep you entertained. These are my top five based on what I have played. I played mostly on the game cube and playstation. I also added my favorite PC game because I miss it so much. Lest start…

SSX Tricky– This is such a classic in video games. This is by far the best snow boarding game ever. I loved all the character, moves, snow boards and story lines. You can play this game all day and never get bored. You can never go wrong with this game.

Urbz Sims in the City– This was before we had sims 3 and sims 4. Crazy fact, I never knew this was considered sims. I looked at it again and saw the diamond thing over them. That is crazy. I liked this game more than the newer sims because there were story lines.

Sims Bustin Out– This sims was something alright. I miss it. This sims also had goals and story lines which made the game better. This is my favorite sims game because we did missions. You actually had to achieve things to get somewhere else. If you haven’t played this, you should start.

Tony Hawk– I was such a tomboy. I like this game so much because it was a basic skating game. I never knew how to skate by the way. It was hard as hell but fun. When I look back at it, I never knew the graphics were so bad but we didn’t care about that then. It was just about the game. Tony Hawk was the man.

Need For Speed– Car games are the best for competition. This game was the game for just that. The graphics were amazing. I could play this game all day. I am the type of person who hated the missions but just liked driving. (lol) I would make my sister do the racing while I play the free play mode to get chased by cops.

These are my top five favorite videos games. I grew up playing ssx tricky and sims so of course I am still playing those games. The graphics of everything have definitely changed. Sims is becoming more and more realistic. I like it but it is becoming to realistic. Older games have bad graphics but you do more which make everything better.


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