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How Life Has Changed Since…

Life has changed drastically. We have so much to recover from after this. We lost a lot of people and people are also recovering. Places are now opening back up but is it smart to open so soon? More than 20 percent are unemployed. That is a big number. Just when you think it can’t get worst, it does. Just when you think everything is coming to an end, someone else catches it. People are now protesting but protesting the wrong things. Boy, we have been through in these couple of months. We are force to quarantine and stay more than 6 feet apart which is weird because a cough can spread farther.

After all of that, they are now saying that it is in air pollution so we need to be wearing masks. Some people don’t listen, like me because there aren’t any mask because everyone has bought them all and they aren’t restocking. If they restock, they charge a ridiculous price for them. I was forced to buy four masks for my family for a total of $45.I didn’t want to but I stay getting sick and I can’t risk it anymore. You could ask, why don’t you make one? There is no supplies because people took them all and they aren’t restocking. At least they finally restocked the tissues.

No one is in school so we are all going crazy. Anyone who graduate can’t physically graduate which is sad because you worked this hard. Since we were forced to take classes online, I feel like we are gonna see a downhill in grades just because it’s not easy. For people like me, I am visual learner. Yes, I could cheat but learning knew things isn’t easy. I feel really bad for college graduates who don’t know what to do at this point.

So much have changed and not for the good. Yes, they are starting to slowly open businesses back up but is that the right thing to do? Some don’t have a choice because people need their jobs. That is why they shouldn’t have charged anything during this pandemic. I am talking about rent, cars and any bills because people who work a 9 to 5 job can’t afford it. They only sent a $1200 check like that will take care of anything. This country is not the smartest. All they care about is money. They are thieves. I just hope we can comeback from this catastrophe.

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