Stuffy Lazy People

Why are people so lazy. There are those people who like to stay in and not get some fresh air. My family is definitely up there and it’s not because there is a virus. Of course we shouldn’t be out but step outside or on a patio and get some air. I like to walk and jog in the morning so I can feel refreshed but my mom and sister will not. I can not stay in this house any longer which is why I started walking. It gets too stuffy for me.

I might sound rude but they barely leave their rooms. All my family do is stay on their phones and complain. I’m like, “start a hobby or something “. Geez, is it that hard but there are those people. I was like this even before this virus came. I was always the one who wanted to hike but they didn’t so I went with friends. I wanted to see a waterfall for the first time and they didn’t. They just really know how to ruin a good time. They are good ruiners. I am actually sitting outside while typing this post because no one wanted to walk with me so I went by myself. It is 70 degrees outside (perfect) and they are in their rooms.

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