Day: May 8, 2020

annoyed Life

Growing Up “What I Hate About It”

I hate growing up because you have to pay for stuff. I am so cheap. I hate spending money but now there is phone bills, rent, car notes and more. I shouldn’t need all of this to live. I wanna try living in nature one day. That’ll be hilarious and unforgettable because of so many […]

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Missing Childhood

I miss my childhood. I had so much fun because I was young and had so much to do. When your young, you don’t have nothing to worry about other than surviving and to be honest that also wasn’t your job because your young. I had a lot of birthday parties, sleep overs, and less […]

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Stuffy Lazy People

Why are people so lazy. There are those people who like to stay in and not get some fresh air. My family is definitely up there and it’s not because there is a virus. Of course we shouldn’t be out but step outside or on a patio and get some air. I like to walk […]

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