Top 5 Favorite Kpop Groups

I love kpop. I am not obsessed with it but I love how different the music is. They are so creative and unique. I am gonna tell you guys my favorite groups in kpop. I am not judging who is better, it is just my personal opinion. I love different groups. I love the ones with unique voices and amazing stage presence. Do You Have A Favorite Group?

Mamamoo– Fandom Name: “MooMoos”( This is my ultimate group! I am a proud moomoo. My bias in this group is “Hwasa”. Her name even sound spicy. She is referred to as the Beyonce of Korea but there is no other Hwasa. I refer to her as the Queen of Korea. She is so different than any other idol. Her figure is amazing because she doesn’t follow the rules and her confidence is through the roof. I love her. This group is my favorite because they have special voices and stage presence. They are all sassy on stage and it shows throughout. They are also hilarious off stage. They have it all. This is the group!

Mamamoo(Hwasa to the right at the end)

(G)I-DLE– Fandom Name: “Neverland”( My bias in this group is “Miyeon”. I am also a neverland. This is 100% without a doubt the most unique group in kpop. They are so dark and creative with their music. I am obsessed with their new song “oh my god”. You should definitely check it out. This is my second favorite group by the way. Their stage presence is no joke. They always put on a show. I hate to say it but this group also has the best stage presence out of everyone if I am being honest. They should be bigger!


Twice-Fandom Name: “Once”( My bias in this group is “Sana”. I love twice so much. They are so cute but they are also fierce. I like that they always change their concepts. They are definitely raising the bar. Their voices are amazing as well. They are so funny off stage which makes it better because you like to see their other side. They work so hard to please people that they rarely get breaks. I love this group. I am also a proud once.


Seventeen-Fandom Name: “Carat”( My bias is “The8 aka Xu Minghao”. That is his stage name. I still need to get a light stick for this group. They seriously have the best light stick. This group is not only hot but funny and charming. I know so much about this group. This is literally the funniest group. I watch all of their content. This is my all time favorite boy group. There are so many of them. The group consists of 13 members. I know every single one of them. They are hilarious crackheads but on stage they are…enough said. (HOT)!

Ateez-Fandom Name: “Atiny”( My bias is “San”. His is a hot demon on stage but a cutie off stage. This is one of the funniest kpop groups for me. They are just a breath of fresh air. Their songs are so good and catchy. Their stages are no joke. Like seriously, they are amazing. I call them demons because they switch so fast on stage. It is insane but cool. They are so fun to watch.

There you have it, my favorite groups. They all have something in common. They are fun and unique. The groups are amazing and if you don’t know them then you should start getting into them. Yes, that is my bias on the cover of this post.


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