Day: May 4, 2020


Have You Ever Been So Hungry

If you are a food lover like me then you become angry when you have not eaten. You become really annoyed because the food is near but yet so far. I am quiet with a bitch face when I am hungry. I hate when someone ask me to do something when I am hungry like […]

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Top 5 Favorite Kpop Groups

I love kpop. I am not obsessed with it but I love how different the music is. They are so creative and unique. I am gonna tell you guys my favorite groups in kpop. I am not judging who is better, it is just my personal opinion. I love different groups. I love the ones […]

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Fresh Life

Post Quarantine Check Up

Hey guys! I don’t even know if this is a post quarantine because they are trying to open businesses back up. I still think they should wait but it’s not my decision. I have been so annoyed, just because of school. I have been having a hard time basically teaching myself but now I can […]

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