Month: May 2020

Anger Black Power Life

Black vs White Power

The obsession to be in control has been going on for many centuries between blacks and whites. It started from slavery to segregation and now everything else. Even though African Americans were still hated back then, there is even more now. There are a lot of racist people who still kill innocent African Americans for […]

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Anger annoyed Injustice triggered

America Gone Too Far Downhill To Comeback

This is by far the worst year to start the new decade. We have had too many deaths, attacks, killings, and failures. The thing is that there are so many opinions on one opinion. This country has gone down hill so far that we make other countries look better. It feels like faith is out […]

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Anger Injustice Life triggered

Outraged Riots in Minneapolis

#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd has been trending ever since the killing of George Floyd. Riots have been going on for on three days and I don’t blame them. I wish I was there to help. Rioting never seems like the right answer but without justice, what’s the point in a peaceful protest. It’s been a while since I […]

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How Am I Suppose To Leave Now

You know, I still have a plan to move out of my mom house. I stay on campus but of course I am home right now. I wanna be on my own so bad but this virus ruined it. I can’t work, go to school or make money. Geez, it just ruined everything. The farthest […]

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Curiosity sexual singles

Is This The End of One Night Stands

I never had a one night stand and never will now. They say everyone should experience it carefully. That is not possible now because there are too many risks. You have to be careful more than ever now. Im pretty sure there are still many people who are still doing it but oh well. It’s […]

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Curiosity entertainment

New Posts Alert:

I will be soon adding small posts called “quickies”. They will be about interesting and curious topics. They will be just some small talk conversations that people question. When I don’t want to make a big post and want to write something quick, I will call it a quickie.

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Curiosity Life virus

Will We Ever Be The Same Again?

I don’t think so. Not by a long shot. I think we can try to save our population and move on but at the same time that thing isn’t leaving. Many people say that it will be here forever and I believe it. I say that because people move around everyday and that is how […]

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Life sadness

There Is So Much rain Because There Is So Much Death

It makes sense to say that the sky is crying when someone dies because it always rain when someone dies. It has been so much rain lately. Dark skies and all. There have been a lot of deaths also so that is why. Mother Nature is trying to flush us because we need it. Water […]

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Anger annoyed

Two Sides To Every Side

Do this not that. Don’t do this but don’t do that. Wear this but don’t wear that. Don’t wear this but wear this with this without that. STOP! Geez, it’s too much. There is a reason people say they can’t take it no more. Mask, gloves or mask, no gloves, or just masks, or just […]

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Anger Depression Life virus

Trying To Stay Positive But There Are Too Many Negatives

It’s too much. There is no other way to put it. I can make myself feel happy but I’m not really happy because there is too much going on around me. I’m talking about life right now. While me and everyone else is trying get back to school and work, we still have a virus […]

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