U.S Has The Most Covid-19 Cases And Deaths In The World

Records just keep on breaking and not for the best. The death toll is above 19,000. That is so insane because just three days ago the death toll was 11,000. The total deaths around the world is above 100,000 which is why we need to control this. New York has the most deaths worldwide. They have been through so much which is why I don’t understand how people are still outside in some places of New York. We have over 500,000 cases in the U.S alone. This is so frightening but I don’t think it will get to one million. People are starting to understand what this is and not leaving.

It’s amazing how many people are infected here because Canada is bigger and only have 22,000 cases. How? Maybe they secured everything earlier. They also didn’t keep any infected people there so maybe that helped. They need to help us out because they are smart. I can’t stop saying this “we have so many cases”. We are definitely in the history books.

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