11 Things To Do In Quarantined

Start Gardening– Have you ever wanted a garden but never stuck to it? Well it’s time now. Gardening can be relaxing and beneficial.You can start growing your own fruits and vegetables to become healthier. Better to start now.

Start A Blog– You can always start a blog but since you are in quarantined, you have even more time. If you start to get annoyed just blog about it. You will be surprised by how many people think the way you do.

Start Reading– You might not like reading but once you start a really good book, you will become obsessed. There are so many books to read. Everyone can read, we just choose not to. So get a good book, dim the lights and relax.

Start A YouTube– This is the perfect time because you need time to prepare. So why not start now. There is so much you can do so do it.

Have A Family Game Night-Game night is a perfect time to bond with one another. It’s fun and entertaining. Plus you get to have fun with your family.

Have A Movie Night– Watch so many movies that you fall asleep and wake up to watch more movies. What is your favorite movie?

Make A Homemade Movie– Make fun homemade movies that you can look back on and laugh at. It will be fun to do with your family because you all can act crazy together.

Learn A New Language– Learn a language so that when this is all over, you can travel and talk to people in their native language. They will be impressed. It also looks good on an application.

Play Chef– Cooking in the kitchen using only what you have and try to make a fancy dish. This is a fun game to play with siblings. You guys can make the craziest things in a kitchen. Just be careful.

Watch Videos On YouTube– There are billions of videos in the world. Look up some crazy ones that make you burst out laughing, crying, screaming or nervous. Those are the best ones.

Write A Book– Start your life book. Your life is interesting if you didn’t know. Write a book to tell your hilarious stories.

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