United States Of Lies

Human Population Control! That is what this looks like. Look at the map, look at the evidence. It came out of nowhere and now every country has it. If that is true then they need to go to hell because that is evil. I swear this what it looks like. Why are they controlling us? This theory would make the most sense. They made us spend all this money to stay in while they “try to fix” the problem but it only got worst. They won’t send supplies to the hospitals to help sick people and they won’t help the citizens. Boy do I wish we had all new leaders because Trump, congress, government and the senate are useless. They are so useless. We are better than them. They can’t do anything. You can waste 21 billion dollars on an unfinished wall but you can’t send money to hospitals. The country is such a lie! It is no better than China. United Lies!

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