Anger annoyed Anxiety triggered virus

Over 1.4 Million Cases World Wide

Ah! One million cases. Boy, are we in history now. The U.S has the most cases and it is only getting worst. I feel bad for New York but I mainly feel bad for all the doctors. They are doing so much and running out of supplies. It must be so hard. I wish I could help in any way. But I will do my part and not leave my house. This virus is definitely making a statement. Thankfully we haven’t had many deaths. 10,000 is a lot but we don’t need more. I still wonder why we have so many cases compared to other countries. The U.S has over 300,000 cases. This is too many people. I am getting annoyed because I really want someone to explain everything to me from start to finish. I just wanna go back to school.

Highest Cases

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