False Death Cases: 250,000?

Trump said that we better get ready and prepare for over 200,00 deaths. I was so nervous when he said that because I thought we had over 100,000 people die already. We are only at 11,000 deaths so where did that number come from. I feel like they made that number up to scare people so that we won’t leave. Even the professionals said that they don’t understand where that big number came from because we can work to stay under that number. We can really stay under if the hospitals had more and better equipment but they are running out and trump isn’t doing anything about it. He just keep making these damn statements, not knowing anything. I bet he wishes he was out of power now.

That number makes me think that they are planning something and that we will get to that number with their help. They are schemers, that is what they do. This whole thing feels like something but that is for my next post. I have a good hunch but it is just a theory. I am sick of not knowing the truth. Why did they tell us about the numbers of death that could happen even though we are no where near that number? It doesn’t make sense. Look at the picture.

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