Month: March 2020

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Annoying Cats

I am talking about this because my two cats have been getting on my nerves and each other nerves. They just whine and fight all day long. They wanna eat 24/7. The smaller one fights me and attacks everyone. She is so cute but deadly. The big cat gets annoyed of her as well. The […]

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Drunk Driving And Getting Pulled Over

It’s not worth it. Drinking to the point that you make bad decisions is not worth it. I made this post because two days ago, my sister was pulled over for a DUI and going over a speed of 100 at 3am in the morning. That is crazy and very risky. She had to spend […]

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Still Buying Face Masks and Trying To Look Good

You know, there are two types of people in this world during a crisis. Some people try to be funny in a time of crisis and then the ones who are serious. People are legit still wearing crazy face masks,suits and gloves. They look like exterminators. A lot of celebrities have been doing it and […]

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Misinformation and the Misuse of Information

Since the first deaths were reported from the novel coronavirus, there have been so many news articles. Almost every last one of them say things that would scare the public. Saying things like “it can cause your lungs to look like a honey comb pattern”, “even if you get rid of it, you can still […]

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The U.S have reported more the 14,400 cases of the coronavirus (covid-19) across these 50 states. Ahhh! It spreads quickly and won’t stop. We may not be zombies but this is an uncontrollable catastrophe. I am just being funny by calling it a apocalypse but that is what it feels like. Zombies walk and run […]

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Is It Worth Getting Sick?

I’m gonna try to stay calm while posting this because I am still annoyed from my last post. This is for all the people who traveled, traveled and now stuck, going to bars, beaches, eating out, non-believers and those who are are looking past it. Even though there is no way to look pass it. […]

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Florida Must Not Have Gotten The Message *Triggered*

The Governor of Florida is a complete nuisance. He really won’t shut down beaches because of the people and spring break. There is no spring break. If they don’t realize that then they’re idiots too then. I don’t care what you say. We are in a time where people are panicking and trying to get […]

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Falling Asleep on the Wheel

One of the scariest things ever. This is so frightening because you and others can get killed. If you are tired and not feeling well then you should not be behind a wheel. It’s not worth your life. Go to sleep and renourish your body. Your body gives you warnings before it happens so you […]

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What’s The Hype Of “Whipped Coffee”?

Coffee is such a good boost of energy. There are many ways to make coffee. People have been getting really creative in making coffee. A couple of minutes ago before making this post, my sister made a whipped coffee. I asked “what are you doing” and she replied making coffee. I watched her use the […]

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Leaked Info *Worst Than We Thought*

They said it wasn’t that bad. They said it was like the flu. They said don’t panic. They said that this was a epidemic. Hospitals are planning for a estimate of 96 million U.S Coronavirus cases and over 400,000 deaths. They say that is is by far,10 times worst than the flu. The virus spreads […]

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