What Make a Corrupt Liar Crooked? Don’t You Wanna Know

Today, the world feels like a ticking time bomb that somebody have planted. China is by far one of the biggest corrupt countries. When the news got out that the virus came from China, everyone was upset. They are finally getting back to work while the rest of the country are suffering. They said that their death toll in china was 2,500 and over 80,000 infected. Oh, do things always blow up in their faces. They lied! People in China are pissed because they are finally realizing what is going on.

There have been confirmation that there were actually over 40,000 deaths. (Silence) Moment of silence for that country because those people are liars. The president and other leaders, they are all liars. I have already said that I knew there were more but that is a lot of people. People in China are finally started doing the math. They need to do the math here. I am just happy that someone is finally reporting it. China started handing out urns and that is why they start questioning everything. They have reported that one funeral home down there ordered 5,000 urns alone. There have also been reports that all seven funeral homes order 3,000 or more. Wow, they tried to hide it but it got out. People deserve to know the truth because those are their loved ones. Who are you to not tell them. They should be ashamed. (Fox News)

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