What Is This, Really?

What is it! Why did this happen? How? They say that they have the answers to this but it’s dumb. Have you really looked at the answers they put down. They just talk about symptoms and who is to blame. They never said how it spreaded from those who were quarantined. They keep talking about how it spreads. I’m 100% sure that they are trying to brainwash everyone. It’s so crazy to be alive right now. I never wanted to be apart of something like this. I feel like we are lab rats getting used. They put people in lock down now and say when you can leave and are making everyone go crazy. Who voted for these people because it wasn’t me. I don’t trust people in power because they are liars, manipulators and fools. I apologize for my other posts because it’s not the people fault. The people in power are just mad that they can’t control them.

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