Dumb Trends Could Get You Arrested *Teens*

Trends are getting out of hand at this point. There are always trends forming. There are good trends and there are bad trends. This trend that I am about to talk about is disturbing, rude,disgusting and stupid. I am talking about the teens that coughed on fresh produce and then uploaded it to social media. (Pause, sigh, roll eyes) With all the stuff that is going on, you have the audacity to try to be funny in a time of fear. I hope this doesn’t become a trend because then there would be a trend of me throwing things at random teenagers. (lol) That isn’t even funny because what if you had it. They would be looking stupid. Be smart not stupid.

Link: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/trending-out-of-control-teens-coughing-on-grocery-store-produce

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