Drunk Driving And Getting Pulled Over

It’s not worth it. Drinking to the point that you make bad decisions is not worth it. I made this post because two days ago, my sister was pulled over for a DUI and going over a speed of 100 at 3am in the morning. That is crazy and very risky. She had to spend a night in jail and my other sister and grandma had to bail her out and now she has to go to court. I hope she feels embarrassed because that is a wake up call. This also brings me to thinking why was she drunk because she rarely drinks. Could she be depressed? She rarely talks to anyone but always need something. So much comes to mind when things like this happens. I have never been nor do I ever want to get arrested. I don’t want a record. I felt bad but then I was like “she is a grown women and has to learn”. Some people might think, it’s just her first offense but first offenses leads to more offenses and we don’t need that.

It is so dumb to drink and drive, everyone knows that. Did you drink wit someone and they didn’t help you? Why are you drinking to the point that you black out completely? Why did you drink so much and get in a car? So many questions and to those who live, got off lucky because it’s so dangerous. Don’t drink and drive, you put yourself and others at risk.


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