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Annoying Cats

I am talking about this because my two cats have been getting on my nerves and each other nerves. They just whine and fight all day long. They wanna eat 24/7. The smaller one fights me and attacks everyone. She is so cute but deadly. The big cat gets annoyed of her as well. The small cat (female) is 8 months and the big cat (male) is about 2 years old. He is actually watching me at this moment type this. I swear when I typed the title, he looked right at me like b****. (lol) He is in my face because I am eating a egg sandwich and he is greedy.

I love my pets but they just get on my nerves. They act like wild dogs. The smaller cat really do just fight all day and we don’t know why. It’s so funny because even the big cat just looks at her. Can you train a cat? I’m pretty sure they are just free to do whatever they want or maybe that’s just what I let them do. I just had to get that off my chest.

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