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Still Buying Face Masks and Trying To Look Good

You know, there are two types of people in this world during a crisis. Some people try to be funny in a time of crisis and then the ones who are serious. People are legit still wearing crazy face masks,suits and gloves. They look like exterminators. A lot of celebrities have been doing it and posting it on Instagram. People will do anything for views. To me, it makes me think you are sick because those are the only people who need that stuff. People are so needy for attention that you are still trying to be funny. Over 600 people died yesterday in Italy from this virus. One day, and you’re still trying to be funny.

I am trying to stay off of social media because it just annoys the hell out of me. Why are you wearing a mask? You can go outside, buy something, go home, remove your gloves then touch your face and BAM! There you go. A lot of people don’t wash their hands when they come from outside. Think Smart

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