Misinformation and the Misuse of Information

Since the first deaths were reported from the novel coronavirus, there have been so many news articles. Almost every last one of them say things that would scare the public. Saying things like “it can cause your lungs to look like a honey comb pattern”, “even if you get rid of it, you can still have permanent lung damage”. That isn’t calming anyone down. That is causing a world wide panic. This information has cause millions and even billions of people to go into hiding and hoard supplies.

We don’t even know all the facts but you just go off by what you hear. The news are all about numbers and every time they broadcast they talk about increase and decrease in patients, doctors, states, countries, supplies, etc. It’s too much. They need to calm down because they are causing the panic without having all the information. They should be telling the public how to stay calm while being distant from others the correct way.

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