Is It Worth Getting Sick?

I’m gonna try to stay calm while posting this because I am still annoyed from my last post. This is for all the people who traveled, traveled and now stuck, going to bars, beaches, eating out, non-believers and those who are are looking past it. Even though there is no way to look pass it. I’m gonna break it down by group so you don’t get confused.

Travelers and now stuck– You traveled because it’s cheap and no one is really traveling now. You guys wanted to continue your daily life. You traveled around and now you are stuck and can’t get back because they are locking down places. You left and now they are locking down your home and your not there. The world are closing their boarders to try to contain this virus that has gotten out. The embassy can’t even do anything. The only thing you can do when you are stuck is to distance yourself from others until you can get a flight. That is scary. I always say that I told you so but I really do hope people who are stuck can get home safety.

Bars and Restaurants-Go home. Go home. Go home. Go home, grocery shop and stay inside. You don’t need to be around large crowds at bars because it’s cheap. You need to distance yourself and not drink because your health should be your number one priority at this point. Don’t eat out. That is why they are starting to close all these stores. Eat at home and drink lots of fluids. (water) Alcohol is not the answer at this moment. Think logically.

Beaches– Noooooooooooooooo! Nooooooooooooooooo! It’s not smart at this moment to be there. Distance yourself. Read the news and stay updated. People are dying while you are partying at the beach. I am not gonna say much because my last post explained this.

Non-Believers- Yes there are people who still don’t believe that this is that serious. That is why they still go out to public places and stay there. I hate these people. They continue to drink and smoke even though that will increase your chances of being in critical condition when it hits you. Get away from me. I don’t associate with these people.

Looking Past It– You can’t look past it. Period point blank. Today, Italy surpassed China death rate. It is hitting the big and small countries hard. Especially if it is a tourist spot. You can’t ignore it because it is around you. Stop trying to deny that your not worried because you are.

So, is it worth getting sick?


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