What’s The Hype Of “Whipped Coffee”?

Coffee is such a good boost of energy. There are many ways to make coffee. People have been getting really creative in making coffee. A couple of minutes ago before making this post, my sister made a whipped coffee. I asked “what are you doing” and she replied making coffee. I watched her use the hand mixer to mix instant coffee, hot water and sugar. She mixed it until it was thick and fluffy. At first, I thought it looked gross but then it looked like a chocolate mousse. When she was done she poured it on top of the glass of milk. It didn’t mix because it was thick so she mixed it together with a straw. She says she loved it but I have never heard of anyone doing it. She says it started it Korea and now its a tik tok trend. I hate tik tok for many reasons. I was confused but there are new creators everyday. Have you tried whipped coffee?

Whipped Coffee

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