Florida Must Not Have Gotten The Message *Triggered*

The Governor of Florida is a complete nuisance. He really won’t shut down beaches because of the people and spring break. There is no spring break. If they don’t realize that then they’re idiots too then. I don’t care what you say. We are in a time where people are panicking and trying to get rid of this virus and then here this state goes. While they were on the beach partying, there were 19 new cases. If you can’t shut it down after that and people are still going, get out my face because y’all are slow witted. Everyone is so annoyed with this state. They need to barricade that state because they will be spreading it. They act like they just wanna live life and not think about it but this virus is spreading so fast.

I would not wanna go there for spring break because they are just passing around stuff. There are huge loads of people by one another when everyone need to be distancing themselves. I wouldn’t be surprise if half that population gets the coronavirus. Everyone would be like “idiots”. I may sound rude but I don’t care because people are traveling over there and coming back to places. Everyone is getting on my nerves at this point. I hate so many people and it’s because of stuff like this. They are non-believers until it hits them and it will hit them hard.


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