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Stuck In a Travel Ban

I knew this was gonna happen. There are many people who still traveled even though they knew this virus was out. People are still posting on Instagram but…now there are travel bans in many places and they are stuck. This is what happens when you don’t follow your brain and think logically. Yes, tickets are cheaper but that is because they need business. There is literally a virus spreading fast and people are trying to travel for a vacation. Oh please! Vacations are over people. Listen! You should have stayed home. I feel bad but then I don’t because that is what happens when you don’t listen. I have seen many vloggers on YouTube saying they are stuck but they did it to themselves because you have many time to leave and go back home. I do feel bad and hope they figure it out.

The last thing I would wanna do is travel because it has been bad outside the U.S and now it’s getting worst here. They aren’t letting people in and out. They are going into lock down to try to control it and I don’t blame them. For once, I can say that Trump and has been handling this situation well. The airports are crazy filled with people from vacation who are complaining. More than 40,000 people flooded the airport because of the travel ban this weekend. That is where you don’t wanna be. No one separated from the sick and healthy. Ugh, I cannot.

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