Leaked Info *Worst Than We Thought*

They said it wasn’t that bad. They said it was like the flu. They said don’t panic. They said that this was a epidemic. Hospitals are planning for a estimate of 96 million U.S Coronavirus cases and over 400,000 deaths. They say that is is by far,10 times worst than the flu. The virus spreads really fast around the world but lets just hope it doesn’t get that far. Those are big numbers but we the people can stop it. That is why they are telling people to self isolate. I get it now and I understand.

Pandemic Map

There are people who are still partying hard despite the news. People in Florida are partying for the LGBT community and already had 10 cases. Geez are people stupid at this point. They even had people in huge crowds, going to bars to get drunk. I am done with that state.

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