Homebody For a While

I will not be going out for a while and staying away from big groups of people. I am still on campus in my dorm until Friday. They aren’t kicking anyone out and said we can stay until the end of the semester. They will still serve food and keep the library open for school work. I am going home for spring break on Friday and then coming back. I live about a hour in a half away from my school so I will be fine. It’s too much going on outside of the doors. I went out yesterday with a friend to sephora and just made sure I didn’t touch my face. Every store is still open here. I was surprised that the mall was open.

It feels good to just lay down, blog and relax. I still have a lot of homework because my classes are online until the end of the semester. It is only getting worst. I just hope this pass quickly. I am definitely staying in because I get sick easily and it will hurt me. Stay safe guys and don’t touch your face outside.

Where I will be for a while

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