It Is Officially A Pandemic! *Lets Break Everything Down*

The WHO (World Health Organization) confirmed that this virus is officially a pandemic. I am laughing right now because we the people already knew this. I still cannot wrap something around my head. We started with double digits in one country and ended with almost 200,000 cases world wide. How the hell did this get out so fast? Seriously, think about it. Don’t think saying “well people travel”. Think like this…When they quarantined the people who were infected from that ship in america, there were around 17 cases. They had those people in “2″ states only. California and Texas. Those people were quarantined for over 14 days.

The way the virus jumped from person to person, I would think two things. That this virus is airborne or planned. You can’t tell me nothing because the country of china already lied about it. They knew about this virus months ahead and didn’t say anything. This is without a doubt a pandemic. Thankfully there hasn’t been many deaths. When I heard about disease x last year, I had a feeling something was gonna happen but I didn’t want to be here when it happens. It feels weird being alive when something like this happen. I am not talking about I don’t want to be here. It’s like when there was segregation, I wasn’t there for but it feels weird when crazy stuff like this happen near you.

They also need to slow down with news because they are making people panic more. People are going over board with hoarding supplies like this is the end of the world. There is no need for that. My mom has to bring me tissue from her city tomorrow because they have been selling out everywhere. Literally tissue you guys. People are acting like they are fighting against humanity itself. So much has happened to the NBA cancelling their season to Disney land closing to concerts cancelling to everything. I am happy because they should have been did that because now a NBA player has it and Tom Hanks. I was shocked because he posted it on his Instagram but I was like he will get through it because it is possible to survive this. That is why people need to Calm down.

The maps below is the countries that are affected and the darker map is a picture of the live stream of it. Am I the only one who get “Olympus has fallen” vibes. (If you have seen the movie).

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