Increase in Global Warming and Climate Change

Even though we have a virus that is spreading rapidly, we cannot ignore the other problems that are going on in the world. Climate change have been increasing over the past years and getting worst. Temperatures have increased so fast that there are more fires. Nothing beat the Artics temperatures increasing. NASA even said that it is frightening. That really is scary because it is the coldest place on earth but due to global warming, it is getting warmer. They even saw the dirt under the ice. People think it’s cool when the big ice chunks fall down but that is actually mother nature warning you. That is life itself disintegrating right under your nose. These industrial buildings know but act like they don’t know what they are doing.

The rise in temperatures also increase the water temperatures in the oceans. That is not good because certain species won’t survive. For example, the corals. I watched the saddest documentary on this topic and I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t think it was that serious but that documentary sure changed my mind. You guys should watch it. It’s called “Chasing Coral”. This won’t change unless we do. There are animal species who lives depend on it but they can’t do anything about it but we can.

Melted Ice
Increase in temperatures
Old map temperatures

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