Bats, Birds and Illegal Wildlife in Chinese Markets

I am not writing this to bash China but I am so fed up, I wanted to make the post. I am starting to do my own research about everything because with all the lies coming up, I don’t know who to believe. I certainly don’t believe the government but I have no choice. I am gonna continue to say what I think is going on and what we need to do. They say we need each other but this could have been solved a long time ago. I made a post on chinese street food already but this is getting deeper. If I upset you, I don’t care because this situation has gotten out of hand so deal with it.

China and other Asian countries are known for having illegal markets. We all know this. You know the saying “they eat dogs and other exotic things are true”. They have a dog eating festival down there! I don’t care what you say. It sounds like I am stereotyping but this is what I feel. I will never get over that video of dogs and other weird animals getting eaten in those countries. The video showed birds in cages for sale by other raw meat. It was just so unsanitary, so grungy that the recorder should have cut the damn cameras, set a bomb and called the cops. (But save the animals) I 100% think they were eating bats because the evidence doesn’t lie. Videos, caged birds and sickness in that street food markets. Plus bats have had history in that country with other viruses. Lets break this down…

It was said and proven that the SARS outbreak were spreaded by bats. They were the original hosts. They can infect other animals with their poop and saliva. That then can transmit to humans. Specifically the horseshoe bat, the relative of the Rhinolophis Sinicus bat species which was the originator of the outbreak SARS. They are also the source of one of the scariest disease “Ebola”, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the Nipah Virus. (Aylin Woodward) Woah, they sure do have history with common viruses.

Horseshoe Bat


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