Abortion Ban Bill *You Might Get Triggered*

This is probably the most controversial topics to talk about. There are so many articles about abortion. There are people who think they have the right to know what you want. I wanna first start off by saying that there is no way a man should even have the right to talk about it. They don’t understand. Women experience trauma, depression and so much more if they get it or don’t get it. It got more serious to me when there was a article talking about how a woman would have to keep the child if she was raped. This is reminding me of the how it was when women had no rights to make any choices.

This my personal opinion so please respect it. I am in between with abortion. I feel like there should be a point at which you cannot have an abortion ( I think they have one). At the same time you have to think about young children who get pregnant and the child ends up in foster care. You have to think of homeless children. Women who abandon their child because they didn’t want to have the child in the first place. It might sound like I am all the way for it but I just feel like the mothers should have a say in it because it’s their life and bodies. There are a lot of men who would complain about abortion and then leave after the baby is born. Like I said, this is such a controversial topic that it is even hard to explain.

Two days ago on International Women’s day, there were riots about abortion. There were people who had abortions and were proudly saying it and there were people who were against it. I wouldn’t brag about it because at the same time, you did get rid of your baby. In Minnesota there were protest because they honored women who had abortions. I am not for that at all. I think that it is a heartless thing to parade around saying you had an abortion. I am so torn but I do know this…”women should have the right to say what they want and not be told, especially not by a man”.

I don’t agree with the picture


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